[Rd] bug in {graphics} identify()

Richard Rowe rich@rd@rowe@dr@gonflie@ @ending from gm@il@com
Wed May 16 00:13:51 CEST 2018

 R3.4.x, R3.5.0, Windows7 64 bit code

{graphics} identify()
is sorting results before returning the vector. As documented it should
return the raw sequence in the order selected ...

"If |pos| is |FALSE|, an integer vector containing the indices of the
identified points, in the order they were identified. "

 X<-rnorm(100)            # 100 random numbers
dim(X)<-c(50,2)          #  making a 50 x 2 matrix to give 50 'fixes' for

plot(X, asp=1)            # onto the screen
boundary.points<-identify(X)  # proceed to identify boundary points, right
click and end
# and results are sorted, not in the raw order obtained ...

I'm not on the bugzilla listing, I think my last core bug report was for
chisq in 1998 ...


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