[Rd] Date class shows Inf as NA; this confuses the use of is.na()

Greg Minshall min@h@ll @ending from @cm@org
Wed Jun 13 01:23:36 CEST 2018

Martin, et al.,

> I think we should allow 'year' to be "double" instead, and so it
> could also be +Inf or -Inf and we'd nicely cover 
> the conversions from and to 'numeric' -- which is really used
> internally for dates and date-times in  POSIXct.

storing years as a double makes me worry slightly about
> year <- 1e50
> (year+1)-year
[1] 0
which is not how one thinks of years (or integers) as behaving.

cheers, Greg

ps -- sorry for the ">" overloading!

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