[Rd] Return options used to configure R

Tom Quarendon tom.quarendon at teamwpc.co.uk
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I did have a search, but searching for "configure" just brought up loads of results for how to configure R.
I'm sure it is in the manual, once you know where to look for it and if you know all the manuals inside out.

Looking at the help for R CMD config, it's not actually clear that these relate to the options specified on configure, and it doesn't tell you things like --enable-R-shlib, or --prefix etc. 

Anyway, thanks for the info. The Makeconf file is what I want. At least on Linux, doesn't appear to exist on our OSX installation, but we probably installed that from a pre-built package. Ditto Windows.

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On 22 January 2016 at 11:40, Tom Quarendon wrote:
| So in English what you are saying is that there's a file called Makeconf in the etc directory under the R_HOME that contains the information.
| That certainly seems to be true for Linux. 

And Debian / Ubuntu have a convenience softlink to make this /etc/R/

Also note that 'R CMD config varname' extracts each of these values from the command-line, rather than R.  And all of this is in the fine manuals you are cordially invited to peruse at your lesiure ...


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