[Rd] Warn on partial matches in R CMD check

Rainer M Krug Rainer at krugs.de
Thu Jan 21 09:26:13 CET 2016

Hadley Wickham <h.wickham at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi all (but especially Kurt),
> Would it be possible to have a flag to R CMD check that warned on
> partial all matches, i.e. turning on:
> options(
>   warnPartialMatchDollar = TRUE,
>   warnPartialMatchArgs = TRUE,
>   warnPartialMatchAttr = TRUE
> )
> I think this is good practice for package code.


I think that would be brilliant because I already spend a few days
chasing down an error because of an unintended partial match.

> I don't think it can currently be made part of the default (because
> sometimes the warnings come from other packages), but it would be
> really convenient to have as a switch.

and also possibly to enable this for normal running of code outside of packages.



> Hadley

Rainer M. Krug
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