[Rd] JDataFrame API

Thomas Fuller thomas.fuller at coherentlogic.com
Thu Jan 14 22:52:21 CET 2016

Hi Folks,

If you need to send data from Java to R you may consider using the
JDataFrame API -- which is used to convert data into JSON which then
can be converted into a data frame in R.

Here's the project page:


and here's a partial example which demonstrates what the API looks like:

String result = new JDataFrameBuilder()
    .addColumn("Code", new Object[] {"WV", "VA", })
    .addColumn("Description", new Object[] {"West Virginia", "Virginia"})

and in R script we would need to do this:

temp <- RJSONIO::fromJSON(json)
tempDF <- as.data.frame(temp)

which yields a data frame that looks like this:

> tempDF
    Description Code
1 West Virginia   WV
2      Virginia   VA

It is my intention to deploy this project to Maven Central this week,
time permitting.

Questions and comments are welcomed.


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