[Rd] Wrong bug ID & URL in Daily News about R-devel/NEWS

Ben Marwick bmarwick at uw.edu
Sun Jan 3 10:03:20 CET 2016

I was browsing some recent R news at


And reading this item:

"tapply() has been made considerably more efficient without changing
functionality, thanks to proposals from Peter Haverty and Suharto 
Anggono. (PR#16488)"

But I found that the link in the item goes to a page about the GUI, not 


It should go to this page for the tapply speed-up:


This is probably just a simple typo, since a quick check of other links 
to bugs in the news showed they were all ok.

Anyway, I couldn't see any webmaster contact details on
http://developer.r-project.org/ so hopefully this list message will 
reach the right person.


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