[Rd] VPATH build of R on MacOSX

Mick Jordan mick.jordan at oracle.com
Tue Mar 31 19:35:52 CEST 2015

On 3/31/15 10:19 AM, Mick Jordan wrote:
> I am trying to do VPATH builds of R3.1.3, i.e. binaries built outside 
> the source directory. It works just fine on Linux but on Mac OSX 
> (Mavericks) I get the following trace from make, after a successful 
> configure step. Any insights gratefully received. make is GNU make 
> 3.81 on both systems.
Answering my own question - it appears that if a build has already been 
done in the source directory, this problem occurs. With a pristine 
source directory a VPATH build works as expected.


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