[Rd] vignette checking woes

Roger Koenker rkoenker at illinois.edu
Wed Mar 25 19:59:02 CET 2015

I'm having trouble with R CMD check of my quantreg package.  All is well
until I get to:  

checking running R code from vignettes ...
   ‘rq.Rnw’ ... failed
Errors in running code in vignettes:
when running code in ‘rq.Rnw’

when I see a snippet from the vignette code and then:

Loading required namespace: MatrixModels

  When sourcing ‘rq.R’:
Error: could not find function "sparse.model.matrix"
Execution halted

This is baffling to me since sparse.model.matrix is in the
namespace of Matrix and it should be loaded at this stage
since it is required by MatrixModels which has just been
pronounced "loaded".

I've verified that I can Sweave("rq.Rnw")
and texi2pdf("rq.tex", clean=TRUE) without any problem.

Any hints greatly appreciated, as always.


url:    www.econ.uiuc.edu/~roger            Roger Koenker
email    rkoenker at uiuc.edu            Department of Economics
vox:     217-333-4558                University of Illinois
fax:       217-244-6678                Urbana, IL 61801

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