[Rd] Proposing a change in the base::sink interface for type argument

Hamid Bazzaz hhamid at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 06:08:11 CET 2015

Hi folks,

Here is the current interface:

sink(file=NULL, append=FALSE, type = c("output", "message"), split=FALSE)

However, reading the implementation there is implicit assumption that type
is a single character value:

I'm finding this very confusing as the interface is giving a default value
of a character _vector_ causing the illusion that by default both
output/message will be redirected.

I'm proposing either a change in the interface so it is a single character
(either output or message) or a loop in the implementation on all values in
type so it will actually be considered a vector. Here is an example change
for the former:


Just wondering what people think and if this makes sense.

Thanks a lot,

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