[Rd] NAMESPACE imports

Roger Koenker rkoenker at illinois.edu
Mon Jun 22 12:56:17 CEST 2015

I need some advice on how to resolve a warning in a revision of my REBayes package.

At the moment the package Depends on SparseM and Matrix and does some mildly exotic
coercion like this:

A <- as(as.matrix.csc(A),"dgCMatrix")

that converts a SparseM csr matrix A into a SparseM csc matrix and then into a dgC Matrix. I suppose
that I could try to convert all of this sort of thing into pkg::fname calls, but I don’t relish the prospect.  Is
there some other strategy?  Actually, to be honest, I’m not entirely sure how to do this conversion for the
above expression, so if this is the way to go, could someone explain the right way to deal with the first as()?

At the moment I’m stuck with the following warning that I can’t seem to find a way around:

* checking whether package 'REBayes' can be installed ... WARNING
Found the following significant warnings:
  Warning: replacing previous import by 'SparseM::coerce' when loading ‘REBayes'

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