[Rd] declaring nonS3method

Skye Bender-deMoll skyebend at skyeome.net
Fri Jun 12 18:35:19 CEST 2015

If Martin's proposal for declaring non-S3 methods in NAMESPACE is
feasible, it would be very helpful.  The packages we support have
multiple examples of unfortunately named functions non-S3 functions, so
creating a route for migrating them into compliance would be great.


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 >  that it would be desirable for the package author to
 > effectively declare the fact that such a function is not an S3
 > method even though it "looks like it" at least if looked from far.
 > So, ideally, you could have something like
 >   nonS3method("all.effects")
 > somewhere in your package source ( in NAMESPACE or R/*.R )
 > which would tell the package-checking code -- but*ALSO*  all the other S3
 > method code that  all.effects should be treated as a regular R
 > function.

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