[Rd] Matrix loading hangs on AIX 5.3 with 3.1.2

derjones derjones at us.ibm.com
Wed Jun 3 20:37:34 CEST 2015

Hi all,

Yes, I know 5.3 is old, but it's a system I have to work with at present.

I have the latest supported xlC + friends. gcc building is not an option on
this system for other reasons.

I have read the install instructions and set the env vars according to those
and also am using the freeware iconv and other GNU tools where needed. 

Problem - the Matrix package hangs on installing.

Gets to:

  Loading required package: Matrix

and then nothing. Left overnight even.

My env vars look like this:

export OBJECT_MODE=64
export LIBICONV=/opt/freeware
export CC="xlc_r -q64" 
export CFLAGS="-O -qstrict"
export CXX="xlC_r -q64"
export CXXFLAGS="-O -qstrict"
export F77="xlf_r -q64"
export AR="ar -X64"
export CPPFLAGS="-I$LIBICONV/include -I/usr/lpp/X11/include/X11"
export LDFLAGS="-L$LIBICONV/lib -L/usr/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib"

xlc -qversion
IBM XL C/C++ for AIX, V12.1 (5765-J02, 5725-C72)
Version: 12.01.0000.0011

xlC -qversion
IBM XL C/C++ for AIX, V12.1 (5765-J02, 5725-C72)
Version: 12.01.0000.0011

xlf -qversion
IBM XL Fortran for AIX, V12.1
Version: 12.01.0000.0000

I have tried with R_SHELL set to bash and ksh. My login shell is bash.

I have tried with enable static and disable shared.

I have subsequently built without recommended packages. R build and
installs. (Minor issue with the location of libRblas but I solved that. 

I have then tried doing a install.packages("Matrix") from R.

Same thing. Hangs. 

Any ideas? 

I can supply more information as needed. Please let me know what you would
like to know.

Kind regards

Derek Jones
Senior Software Engineer, CTG at IBM.

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