[Rd] Are downstream dependencies rebuilt when a package is updated on CRAN?

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.tu-dortmund.de
Fri Jul 3 08:35:51 CEST 2015


see far below. ;-)

On 03.07.2015 06:36, Winston Chang wrote:
> I was wondering: are the downstream dependencies of a package rebuilt
> when a package is updated on CRAN? (I'm referring to the binary
> packages, of course.)
> The reason I ask is because there are cases where this can cause
> problems. Suppose that when pkgB is built, it calls
> pkgA::makeClosure(), which returns a closure that refers to a function
> in pkgA. Suppose this code is in pkgA 1.0:
> makeClosure <- function() {
>    function() {
>      funA()
>    }
> }
> funA <- function() "funA was called!"
> And this is the code in pkgB:
> foo <- pkgA::makeClosure()
> After building and installing pkgB, you can do this, which gives the
> expected result:
>> pkgB::foo()
> [1] "funA was called!"
> Now suppose pkgA is upgraded to 2.0, and it contains this:
> makeClosure <- function() {
>    function() {
>      newFunA()
>    }
> }
> newFunA <- function() "newFunA was called!"
> After this upgrade, when you run the pkgB::foo(), you'll get an error:
>> pkgB::foo()
> Error in foo() : could not find function "funA"
> This is because the environment for pkgB::foo is the pkgA namespace,
> but the contents of that namespace have changed underneath it. The
> solution is to rebuild and reinstall pkgB against pkgA 2.0.
> This is why I'm asking about downstream dependencies being rebuilt on
> CRAN. If pkgB's binary packages are not automatically rebuilt when
> pkgA is updated on CRAN, then there would be a broken combination of
> pkgA and pkgB on CRAN. (Note that source packages aren't vulnerable to
> this problem)
> This is not a purely academic exercise -- something similar to this
> has actually occurred. When R went from version 3.0.0 to 3.0.1, there
> was a new function in the methods package named .setDummyField, and
> reference class objects that were built against methods 3.0.1 received
> closures that included calls to .setDummyField(). If these refclass
> objects were saved in a package at build-time, then they would not
> work on systems with R (and methods) 3.0.0. Because CRAN built
> binaries on R 3.0.1 after its release, users who were on R 3.0.0
> simply could not run some binary packages from CRAN. Their possible
> solutions were to upgrade R, or install the packages from source. I
> know this happened with Shiny, lme4, ROAuth, among others.
>    https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/shiny-discuss/poNAAtyYuS4/n6iAVMI3mb0J
>    https://github.com/lme4/lme4/issues/54
>    http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18258087/twitter-error-when-authorizing-token
> It happens that the methods package is included with the base R
> distribution, but this kind of problem can occur with other packages
> as well.
> Many of us have encountered hard-to-diagnose problems that are solved
> by reinstalling R and all packages. I suspect that this is the root
> cause in many of those cases.

I am aware of this probelm. Another as with the environments happens if 
S4 stuff is changed.

> At the very least, it would be nice to be able to specify in a pkgB
> that it depends on pkgA in such a way that it must be rebuilt when
> pkgA is upgraded. There are two important consequences of this: CRAN
> would need to rebuild pkgB when a new pkgA is accepted;

This happens for Windows binary packages on CRAN.

 > and when users
> upgrade pkgA, they would need to receive a rebuilt pkgB as well.

This will not happen automatically, since the R package mechanism is 
based on version numbers tht are not changed on CRAN.

It is very hard to know when such a rebuild is really needed. In very 
few cases only, actually. Currently we always rebuild which causes a lot 
of overhead. But we do not always want to trigger updates since these 
are not needed in I guess > 99% of all package updates.

Best wishes,

> -Winston

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