[Rd] Summary of,all undefined globals

Patrick Giraudoux patrick.giraudoux at univ-fcomte.fr
Tue Dec 22 09:23:35 CET 2015

Dear Listers,

Kurt (subject "CRAN packages maintained by you" sent on 02/07/2015) was 
mentionning to package maintainers that "with current versions of 
r-devel, one can get a convenient summary of all undefined globals" and 
describing how to get a summary conveniently.

Now I am using R 3.2.3 but cannot get this by using rcmd check --as-cran 
mypackage, the "traditionnal" namespace with obviously incomplete 
declaration going through the check 'checking R code for possible 
problems' with no note.

Can you confirm that the implementation is still NOT in R 3.2.3 and that 
one should still use the current version of r-devel to get a summary of 
undefined globals (through notes after 'checking R code for possible 
problems) ? Is there a way to get it from R 3.2.3 ?

Thanks in advance,


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