[Rd] Assistance much appreciated

Michael Felt aixtools at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 08:57:00 CET 2015

On 2015-12-18 04:30, Simon Urbanek wrote:
> FWIW I was able to replicate the problem using AIX7.1 on Power8, R 3.2.3, vac/xlc 11.1, xlf 13.1 in 64-bit mode. Indeed, Peter's analysis is correct re_regexecb(&regline, line..) returns REG_NOMATCH even though the string is literally "Package: tools" - no special characters anywhere.
> On Dec 17, 2015, at 3:37 PM, peter dalgaard<pdalgd at gmail.com>  wrote:
Worth a great deal to me! Thank you both. Also glad it has been 
independently replicated. And using the IBM compilers. I was concerned 
it was a gcc/gfortran behavior difference.
As you are testing with the IBM compilers - are you also seeing the 
duplicate symbols from *yyl* (coming from in gramRd.y and gramLatex.y in 
tools). I have used both the gramRd.c and gramLatex.c provided, as well 
as new ones made with bison-3.0.8 and get the same problem on AIX 5.3 
(not gotten back to test on AIX 6.1 and AIX 7.1 - but the 32-bit 
version, built on AIX 5.3 runs fine on AIX 7.1).
I see a different behavior re: the definition of the "symbols" on AIX 
versus debian (wheezy) where debian just leaves it as an unitilised 
variable (.bss) but does not pre-define/establish it's global address.

p.s. are you also in a position to try on 64-bit Linux - and compare LE 
with BE (like AIX)?
And maybe it is a bug in bison/yacc that has never been properly explained.

So - we need to dissect re_regexecb() - looking in particular at 
differences that 32 versus 64-bit may have?!


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