[Rd] Runtime error when run a RInside program compiled by intel c++ on windows

李琥 081024015 at fudan.edu.cn
Fri Dec 11 13:50:24 CET 2015

  I have intstalled R-3.2.2,Rcpp-0.12.2,RInside-0.2.13 on windows. I compiled the example1 of RInside in the 
example directory which create a RInside instance and prints "hello world". The compiler is intel c++. I included
the RInside source files in the project and fixed the compile and link errors. But when run the executable file it
prints some error message and quites. 
   I debug into the code.The error messages come from the RInside::initialize() function. It gives following  message after

    Warning message:
    In local(( :bytecode version mismatch: using eval
    Error in objects(db.pos, all.name = TRUE) :
       3 arguments passed to .Internal(ls) which requres 2
    And it gives following error after Rf_eval(Rf_lang2(suppressMessagesSymbol,Rf_lang2(requireSymbol, Rf_mkString("Rcpp"))),R_GlobalEnv)

    Error in .Internal(getOption(x)):
         there is no  .Internal function 'getOption'
    Execution halted.

    Does anyone know how to fix this error? Thanks.


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