[Rd] inconsistency in POSIXlt

Lorenz, David lorenz at usgs.gov
Mon Dec 7 21:32:20 CET 2015

The documentation for the POSIXlt class states '"POSIXlt" objects will
often have an attribute "tzone", a character vector of length 3 giving the
time zone name from the TZ environment variable and the names of the base
time zone and the alternate (daylight-saving) time zone. Sometimes this may
just be of length one, giving the time zone
<> name.' But the
 constructor for the class, as.POSIXlt, accepts only a single value for the
tz argument--an error is generated if, for example the tzone value of
length 3 is extracted from a POSIXlt object and used as the tz argument.

It would seem to me that to be consistent, the as.POSIXlt function should
accept a vector of length 3 as the tz argument.

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