arnaud gaboury arnaud.gaboury at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 18:07:45 CET 2015

In my shell environment, I have set a path to R_PROFILE_USER. The
file, Rprofile.R, is a collection of small hacks.

I want to build rstudio-server from source. Best is to $ unset
R_PROFILE_USER before. Unfortunately, this has no effect on my system.

poisonivy at poppy ➤➤ ~ % R

*** Successfully loaded .Rprofile ***

Welcome back poisonivy
working directory is: /home/poisonivy
poisonivy at poppy [R]

As you can see, R is still behaving like the profile is used. What is
annoying, is that Cmake will at one point not find my LibR. Error
message: missing LIBR_LIBRARIES). The Cmake command is this one:

% R --slave --no-save -e "cat(R.home('lib'))"

*** Successfully loaded .Rprofile ***

/usr/lib64/R/libGoodbye poisonivy Sat Dec  5 18:03:06 2015

and as you can see, the result is polluated by my profile. I can't
edit Cmake file to add "--vanilla" as they are generated each time I
start cmake.

Even deleting my Rprofile.R file, the environment still persists. I
have no idea why this behavior.

Any hints why I can't unset my profile user ?

Thank you.


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