[Rd] R CMD check and missing imports from base packages

Gábor Csárdi csardi.gabor at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 21:45:14 CEST 2015

On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 3:28 PM, John Nolan <jpnolan at american.edu> wrote:

> 1. have R CMD check show how every external function reference gets
> resolved.

That's not possible, because it depends on the currently attached packages,
and even on the order of their attachment.

> 2. have R CMD check warn anytime there is a potential name conflict, e.g.
> density( ) coming from either igraph or stats, and show how it was resolved.

Also not possible in practice, because it would need to check too many
packages. But it would not be a good solution in my opinion, anyway,
because you probably don't want people having to deal with these issues. I
surely don't. For the developer of a single package, it should be
completely irrelevant how many other packages use the same function names.



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