[Rd] checking dependencies in R code ... WARNING

Knut Krueger rh at knut-krueger.de
Thu May 8 10:50:42 CEST 2014

Am 08.05.2014 09:34, schrieb Tobias Verbeke:
> Hi Knut,
> I was primarily referring to the issues reported on the line
Hi Tobias,
ok the warning is a little bit misleading, it was an additional use of 
require(foo) of the import packages in NAMESPACE and DESCRIPTION

do you have a hint for this to change the line
res <- utils:::.win32consoleCompletion(code, nchar(code)) so that the 
issue of the warning will be solved?

* checking dependencies in R code ...
Unexported object imported by a ':::' call: 
   See the note in ?`:::` about the use of this operator.
   Including base/recommended package(s):

Best Knut

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