[Rd] listof

Adrian Baddeley adrian.baddeley at uwa.edu.au
Wed Jul 30 05:20:30 CEST 2014

Dear R developers

A question about the class 'listof',  defined in package 'stats'.

Other than its definition and use in the code for 'anova',
we can't see that the class 'listof' is used for anything else
(in recommended packages, or elsewhere).

In the spatstat package we have been using a 'listof' 
to represent a list of spatial objects of the same class
(such as point patterns, or pixel images)
and we've defined a plot method.

Is it OK for us to hijack an existing class in this way, 
or is this a violation of some future plans/ design feature of R ?

We're about to publish a book on spatstat
so I would much appreciate advice if we need to change it.


Prof Adrian Baddeley FAA
University of Western Australia 

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