[Rd] Question: Publishing R/S objects with WebServices (SOAP/WSDL)

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Tue Jul 22 16:53:48 CEST 2014

On 22 July 2014 at 07:21, Kurt Schallitz wrote:
| Can anyone tell me if there is a package which will allow me to write a
| package in R, then publish the package using WebServices? The idea is that
| I want to be able to pass a data set into R, have R perform the
| calculations, then send the result back to either a .Net application or a
| LIMS BASIC application.
| So far I see many packages that allow R to consume WebServices, but I
| haven't seen anything that allows you to publish a package as a WebService.
| One company advertised a product for WebServices, but they are not using
| the term in an industry standardized way - they are using it to mean, "I
| can publish my R results on the web and access them from the web." This is
| NOT what we are looking for. We want to use true Web Services using SOAP
| and WSDL.

You probably want to look into Jeroen's very capable OpenCPU project:


which does all that, and more, out of the box.

Just doing SOAP etc is a pretty old idea some folks played with a decade+
ago, and Duncan Temple-Lang had some packages in that area too. 


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