[Rd] Who does develop the R core and libs, and how / where is it hosted?

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 19:26:58 CET 2013

Oliver Bandel <oliver <at> first.in-berlin.de> writes:

> Am 15.01.2013 um 01:11 schrieb Brian Lee Yung Rowe <rowe <at> muxspace.com>:
> > On Jan 14, 2013, at 6:32 PM, oliver <oliver <at> first.in-berlin.de> wrote:

> >> BTW: I looked up the string "wish list"
>  in some of the mentioned docs (mentioned in this thread)
> >>     but did not found it.
> >>     Can you please point me to it directly?
> >>     Googling for "R wish list" brings me links to a producer of toys.
> >> 

> > Is this what you're looking for: http://developer.r-project.org/ 
> (see TODO lists)

  But do note that most of of them are VERY old ... 
> This is at least some kind of thing yi was looking for.
> But these are personell TODO lists.
> Are their any goals for R as whole project?

> >> All in all it seems like no special things need to be done.
> >> The FSF for example has a page where they ask for support in certain areas,
> >> so, this looks rather urgent.
> >> R seems not to have such urgent needs for support....


  These stack overflow questions might provide some useful
perspective (URLs broken to make Gmane happy -- sorry)



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