[Rd] Recommended way to call/import functions from a Suggested package

Hadley Wickham h.wickham at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 23:56:04 CET 2013

> loadNamespaces loads but does not attach the package. Suggests: is enough to
> quieten the warning with
> ~/tmp$ R --version
> R Under development (unstable) (2013-02-21 r62017) -- "Unsuffered
> Consequences"
> This is consistent with RShowDoc("R-exts") section 1.1.1
>   Namespaces accessed by the ‘::’ and ‘:::’ operators must be listed here,
> or in ‘Suggests’ or ‘Enhances’ (see below).

I guess that's changed since I last tried it.  (My reproducible
example forgot to include MASS in the Suggests :/ )



Chief Scientist, RStudio

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