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Matevz Pavlic matevzpavlic at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 16:20:01 CET 2013


>Not at all - R has a built-in webserver (it's used for the help pages), so
if you install R, you're done with that part. Rook >gives you a wrapper for

What do you mean by wrapper? 

> The problem is it doesn't scale, so if you're happy with one-user solution
> then you can use R without anything. If you 
> need something that scales, then you need something else -- and for
> Windows you're a bit out of luck, because the lack > of fork+COW on
> Windows (BTW cygwin doesn't help there, either) paired with the fact that
> R is not thread-safe means i
> quite hard to get scalability on Windows involving R. The best bet on
> Windows are server solutions that keep a pool of 
> individual R instances as workers but I'm not aware of any off the top of
> my head (I recall some Java solutions way back
> when Java was hip and I have it on my ToDo list for Rserve but it's not
> there yet). 

What do you mean by scale/scaling? (not an IT engineer). Mainly this would
be used for one-user-at-the-time. So if by scaling you mean multiple user at
the same time, this would not be a problem....

> I have look in all packages i can imaggine, Rook, ggoleVis, Shiny....but
> in 
> all i get the problem when i want to connect to a MS SQL database. 

> That shouldn't really matter - as long as you can connect from any R
> session, you will be able to connect through R from 
> the webserver. 

The problem is that i don't even know how to start getting data from SQL and
put it to R and get plot back ;)

> This is the workflow that i'd like to achieve : 
> 1.) in webrowser connect to MS SQL database 

> I assume you mean from the R script? Otherwise you'll have to shove the
> data across (not impossible but why not 
> connect from R?).  

Yes, i know how to do it from R script. Don't know how to do this in HTML.

I just need some pointers (or even better example of code) on how to use R
script in HTML.

Thanks, m

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