[Rd] VignetteBuilder: Unlike other package fields, it does not support version specifiers

Henrik Bengtsson hb at biostat.ucsf.edu
Thu Feb 14 00:43:06 CET 2013

Just an observation/FYI on the new DESCRIPTION field 'VignetteBuilder'
available in R devel:

Unlike other package fields (Depends, Imports and Suggests),
VignetteBuilder does not support version specifiers, e.g.

VignetteBuilder: R.rsp (>= 0.8.2)

but only

VignetteBuilder: R.rsp

If adding a version specifier, 'R CMD build' complaints with an:

** installing vignettes
Error in loadNamespace(pkg) : there is no package called 'R.rsp(>=0.8.2)'
ERROR: installing vignettes failed

> sessionInfo()
R Under development (unstable) (2013-02-12 r61929)
Platform: x86_64-w64-mingw32/x64 (64-bit)

As I said, just an FYI.


PS. Also, thanks for adding support for non-Sweave vignettes!

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