[Rd] How to use summary.mer inside a package?

Benjamin Hofner benjamin.hofner at fau.de
Tue Feb 5 12:01:37 CET 2013

I have a question regarding the build of my project papeR (hosted on 
R-forge http://r-forge.r-project.org/R/?group_id=1574) with respect to 

Both, Windows and MacOS are complaining that lme4 doesn't export summary:

   Error : object 'summary' is not exported by 'namespace:lme4'
   ERROR: lazy loading failed for package 'papeR'

Linux however builds the project as desired.

I now did check my package using Uwe Ligges' winbuilder project and got 
positive results i.e. no errors for Windows there. See (for the next 72 


Can anyone tell me why this happens (only on R-forge and only for 
certain systems) and how to prevent this?

[I already asked the R-forge maintainers and was redirected to the 
general R mailing lists]

As a side note: The reason for importing lme4's summary is that 
otherwise my function summary.fixef, which extracts fixed effects from 
nlme and lme4 models for printing e.g. in reports, doesn't use/find 
summary.mer on "mer" objects -- even if lme4 is loaded earlier. On the 
other hand, lme models (from package nlme) are handled correctly despite 
the fact that I do not import the corresponding summary function.

Thank you very much

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