[Rd] R CMD <custom>?

Hadley Wickham hadley at rice.edu
Mon Nov 28 20:48:32 CET 2011

It'd be cool if R CMD was user extensible through packages, so that (e.g.)

R CMD mypackage::mycommand

would do something like:

path <- system.file("cmd", paste(command, ".r"), package = package)
if (!file.exists(path)) {
  stop("Command ", command, " in ", package, " does not exist")
} else {

And maybe `R CMD mypackage` would look in mypackcage/cmd/default.r.


On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 1:16 PM, Henrik Bengtsson <hb at biostat.ucsf.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> is it possible to add a custom script such that it is called via R CMD
> <custom>?  Is R CMD searching for it elsewhere than R_HOME/bin/?  I'm
> looking for an non-admin alternative, so copying the script to
> R_HOME/bin/ will not do (in case the user don't have enough permission
> to write there).
> /Henrik
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