[Rd] Error in Rd[[which]] : subscript out of bounds

Paul Bailey pdbailey at umd.edu
Sun Nov 27 23:31:16 CET 2011

> sessionInfo()?  If not R v2.14.0, try with that version first.  Then
> have a look checkRd() of the 'tools' package, cf. help("checkRd",
> package="tools").  That function allows you to check your Rd file from
> within R so that you get more information/so that you can use
> traceback() etc.

Sorry, should have said this is in 2.14.0.

Using traceback() as you suggested solved this problem for me, thanks. this made it pretty obvious:

2: checkUnique("\\description")

looks like I typed description when I wanted details.


Paul Bailey

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