[Rd] Problem with & question about \preformatted in .Rd

Gray Calhoun gray.calhoun at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 06:34:26 CET 2011

I need to correct one minor typo below:

On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 6:12 PM, Gray Calhoun <gray.calhoun at gmail.com> wrote:
(cut a lot)
>  I expected from the documentation to get this:
> \inputencoding{utf8}
> \HeaderA{test}{test}{test}
> %
> \begin{Section}{problems}
> \begin{alltt}print('\bsl{}\bsl{}\bsl{}\begin\bsl{}\bsl{}\{block\bsl{}\bsl{}\}')\end{alltt}
> \end{Section}

The second to last line should read:
Sorry about that.


Gray Calhoun

Assistant Professor of Economics, Iowa State University

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