[Rd] [OctDev] Non-free packages in CRAN

Robert T. Short octave at phaselockedsystems.com
Sat Nov 19 02:16:25 CET 2011

Where is the "like" button when you need it?

Joris Meys wrote:
> 2011/11/18 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso<jordigh at octave.org>:
>> I don't see how MOSEK is making free software stronger. It's not
>> encouraging the usage of more free software. It's encouraging the use
>> of MOSEK. MOSEK should not be endorsed by an organisation that is
>> supposed to promote free software.
>> If these really are your views and they're representative of the R
>> project, then the solution seems to be to make R stop calling itself
>> part of the GNU project. I hope it doesn't do this.
>> - Jordi G. H.
> I'm not going into the discussion about which license represents what.
> I hate politics and ideological discussions because of all the blabla.
> I'm a statistician. I work with facts.
> Fact : Simon is not the R-project, the R-core or the R community. He's
> one guy, and a pretty smart one that is.
> Fact : At my department several people use R only because they have
> access to non-GPL programs through R: because they can load Excel and
> SPSS files if they have to, connect to SQLServer and Access, ...
> Fact : They often don't use Octave for exactly the same reason: They
> don't have access to the tools they need. They're using Matlab
> instead. We do have SPlus on the servers too. Guess how many people
> are using that...
> Fact : I get paid for statistical advice. I pay for a hammer. I pay
> for a bike. If I have to pay for a tool I need on my computer, I pay
> for it. If there's a free alternative that can get me as far, I use
> that one and support their community with a gift if I care enough
> about the tool. Which reminds me...
> Fact : If I see too many quasi-religious statements, tool goes out and
> I leave the building.
> You're not doing your cause a favor here.
> Cheers
> Joris
> Being religious about free software never helped the cause. And by
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