[Rd] CRAN: How to list a non-Sweave doc under "Vignettes:" on package page?

Henrik Bengtsson hb at biostat.ucsf.edu
Mon Nov 7 01:41:22 CET 2011


is it possible to have non-Sweave vignettes(*) in inst/doc/ be listed
under 'Downloads' on CRAN package pages?  For instance, in my R.rsp
package I have a inst/doc/report.pdf (part of the source *.tar.gz)
that is not detected/listed.  The PDF is not based on a Sweave
vignette but an *.tex.rsp vignette that is dynamically created via
inst/doc/Makefile.  It is listed

(*) BTW, can the term "vignette" be used for any inst/doc/ document,
or should it be reserved for Sweave+LaTeX-based documents?



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