[Rd] Table Figures and Listings

Orin Richards oowar at yahoo.com
Mon May 30 14:36:08 CEST 2011

Dear All,
I am fairly new to R.  I work mainly in SAS.  Now, I know that SAS is approved 
by the FDA for submissions.  My question is, does  the FDA approve {R} for 
clinical trial  submissions.  Also has anyone ever tried to produce TFL's using 
R.  I would like to know how difficult it to produce the TFL's in R as compared 
to SAS.  I know that in SAS it is not difficult once you know what you are doing 
and what is required.  My limited knowledge of R  suggests that it may be a bit 
more difficult.  Can anyone please provide me with some guidance or sample code 
for producing a standard table or listing.  A good starting point can be a 
demography table.  I can produce a demog table quite easily in SAS.  My R 
knowledge is limited that's why I have ask for some sample code.

Thanks for your help.


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