[Rd] Reference Classes/S4 Classes: can method dispatch check superclasses BEFORE resorting to method for "ANY"?

Martin Morgan mtmorgan at fhcrc.org
Fri May 27 15:22:35 CEST 2011

On 05/27/2011 06:13 AM, Janko Thyson wrote:
> Dear list,
> is it possible that method dispatch checks for superclasses/virtual
> classes before checking "ANY"?
> I'd like to build a generic initialization method for all my Reference
> Class (say "MyDataFrame") objects by having them inherit from class, say
> "MyRefClassVirtual" (which would have to be a virtual S4 class; there
> are no virtual Reference Classes, are there?)

Reference classes can be virtual; 'initialize' is a reference method, 
not an S4 method.

.A <- setRefClass("A", contains="VIRTUAL",
       initialize=function(..., msg="initialize,AA") {
.AA <- setRefClass("AA", contains="A")

 > .A$new()
Error in methods::new(def, ...) :
   trying to generate an object from a virtual class ("A")
 > .AA$new()
An object of class "AA"
<environment: 0x1b82f48>


> The problem is that 'getRefClass("MyDataFrame")$new' calls (I think) the
> method that was written for "ANY". Thus even though I write a explicit
> initialize method for class "MyRefClassVirtual" which I should be called
> for "MyDataFrame" as it inherits from this class, this method will never
> be called because "ANY beats anything else".
> So, I think I'd like to tell the method somehow to check for
> superclass/virtual classes *before* resorting to "ANY".
> Is that possible?
> Regards,
> Janko
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