[Rd] Calling Rscript from Makevars

Sean Robert McGuffee sean.mcguffee at gmail.com
Mon May 23 18:56:54 CEST 2011

Hi Simon,

I'm not sure what you mean by, "any tests you run in configure will ignore
it since autoconf only uses LIBS and not PKG_LIBS." I though autoconf used
any variable names you tell it to, so that it would use PKG_LIBS if you tell
it to. 

Also, I'm still not clear as to what a Makevars file is. To clarify, I do
understand a Makefile. When GNU's make program is run, it looks for a
Makefile and interprets it in ways that are documented very well by GNU. I
have yet to find any lead as to what a Makevars file is, what to put in it,
what it does, or how it helps in installation with R packages. I can
understand how to define variables in it, but the only way I know how to use
variables that are defined is by using them in a Makefile. Where and how are
variables defined in Makevars used?


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