[Rd] problem with location of libraries 64-bit (opensuse)

Detlef Steuer detlef.steuer at hsu-hamburg.de
Thu May 5 21:55:27 CEST 2011


thank you very much for the detailed answer.

> This shows that rpy2 doesn't setup up the environment correctly (see the R script for the necessary settings). libR* are NOT supposed to the in /usr/lib64 - it is a bad hack and very dangerous (programs may pick the incorrect R libraries). Given that the setup is already messed up it's hard to tell what causes the gfortran problem. 

Ok, this mess up is easily identified. In my spec file I link
$libdir/R/lib/libRblas.so to $libdir/libRblas.so and the same for libR
and liblapack. Hmm. It works that way for ages, I can`t even vaguely
remember when and why I introduced that. 
Now I`ve build  R-patched with these links removed. 
At least "here it works". May be that cures rpy2, too.

Thx again

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