[Rd] Easily switchable factor levels

Heinz Tuechler tuechler at gmx.at
Thu Feb 24 01:18:43 CET 2011

To me this is a common situation, especially to switch between two 
languages. I solve it by separating the coding of values and their 
labels. Values are coded numerically or as character, and their 
labels are attached by a value.label attribute. When needed a 
modified factor function transforms these variable into a factor 
using the value.labels as labels for the factor.
It's, however, no nice code and a drawback is that the value.label 
attribute has to be copied on subsetting.

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At 23.02.2011 22:23 +0000, Barry Rowlingson wrote:
>I've recently been working with some California county-level data. The
>counties can be referred to as either FIPS codes, eg F060102, friendly
>names such as "Del Norte County", names without 'County' on the end,
>names with 'CA' on the end ("Del Norte County, CA"). Different data
>sets use slightly different forms and putting them all together is a
>  So I was wondering about ways to attach multiple sets of level codes
>to a factor. It would work something like this:
>  > foo=multifactor(sample(letters,5),levels=letters,levelname="lower")
>  > foo
>  [1] m u i z b
>  Levels: a b c d ... y z
>  > levels(foo,"upper") = LETTERS
>  > uselevels(foo,"upper")
>  > foo
>  [1] M U I Z B
>   Levels: A B C D E F....Z
>  > uselevels(foo,"lower")
>  > foo
>  [1] m u i z b
>   Levels: a b c d ....z
>In this way you could easily switch your levels from M and F to Male
>and Female, or Hommes et Dames, without having to do levels(foo) =
>something and hope to get the ordering right every time. Just do it
>once, keep the multiple sets of level lables in the object.
>I'd even throw in a function to print out all the level codes:
>  > levels(foo,all=TRUE)
>    upper  lower
>[1] A  a
>[2] B  b
>I can see assorted problems coding this up to cope with dropping
>levels when making subsets... and possibly problems when code does
>character matching of levels and expects them to be unchanged...
>Has anyone bothered to write anything like this yet? Or is the
>application a bit too rare to be worth it?
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