[Rd] Request: Suggestions for "good teaching" packages, esp. with C code

Martin Becker martin.becker at mx.uni-saarland.de
Wed Feb 16 13:31:20 CET 2011

On 15.02.2011 22:48, David Scott wrote:
> On 16/02/2011 7:04 a.m., Paul Johnson wrote:
>> ...
>> 4. We don't want gratuitous use of "return" at the end of functions.
>> Why do people still do that?
> Well I for one (and Jeff as well it seems) think it is good 
> programming practice. It makes explicit what is being returned 
> eliminating the possibility of mistakes and provides clarity for 
> anyone reading the code.
> David Scott

AFAIR (but I am not sure, maybe some expert can comment on this), there 
is a difference between using return and not using return when R code is 
called from C-code via eval(). If my memory is correct, a return() 
statement (in the R code) would abort the C function (which is trying to 
evaluate the R code, e.g., the body of a function) as well, which is 
probably not intended. So, the use of return() in R code may be quite 
disadvantageous in certain situations.


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