[Rd] large vignette problem

Dario Strbenac D.Strbenac at garvan.org.au
Sun Feb 13 02:00:11 CET 2011

I usually do :

<<label=xyFile, echo=FALSE>>=
png("xyPlot.png", width = 800, height = 800)

...      ...       ... # Code goes here.

<<label=xyClose, echo=FALSE>>=
null <- dev.off()


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>Subject: [Rd] large vignette problem  
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>I am trying to get one of my packages to be less than 5Mb in size, and
>it is currently
>72Mb installed.  It is big because the single vignette includes half a
>dozen very large PDF
>images.  The PDF files are created as part of the Sweave process.
>Using jpg images instead of PDFs is acceptable  in terms of picture
>quality (although
>not perfect), and results in a very much smaller vignette.
>OK, so here’s my first plan and I’m not sure if it’s optimal::
>1.  Produce the .jpg files by hand from my own PDF files.
>2.  Change the .Rnw file so that it doesn’t produce the PDF files and
>the vignette uses the .jpg files instead.
>3. ship the package with the .jpg files and the modified .Rnw file.
>This is not ideal because it’s not reproducible: only *I* can create
>the jpg files from the original .Rnw file, as the new .Rnw file does
>not produce the PDF files.
>Or can I somehow coerce Sweave into producing jpg files instead of PDF?
>Can anyone advise?
>Robin Hankin
>Uncertainty Analyst
>hankin.robin at gmail.com
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