[Rd] R limits documented?

Dominick Samperi djsamperi at gmail.com
Sat Feb 12 01:09:15 CET 2011

Is there documentation on R limits?
That is, max matrix size, etc.?

Diagnostics when limits are exceeded are not always
meaningful. For example:
> x <- rep(0,50000*50000)
Error in rep(0, 50000 * 50000) : invalid 'times' argument
In addition: Warning message:
In as.vector(data) : NAs introduced by coercion

Here's another example:
> library(orthopolynom)
> hermite <- hermite.h.polynomials(1001)
> hermite[[1001]] # should display 1000-th degree polynomial
Error in if (signs[1] == "- ") "-" else "" :
  missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed


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