[Rd] Using MathJax in R's help system

Gong-Yi Liao gong-yi.liao at uconn.edu
Wed Feb 2 18:08:28 CET 2011

I think your "another CRAN package for mathjax" approach is better

than modifying the base R's code. I am trying to find the possible 

way to implement it.

On Wed, 2011-02-02 at 10:38 -0600, Hadley Wickham wrote:
> But the user still needs to get it in some way - an additional
> installation step means that it's probably not suitable for inclusion
> with base R.  It could possibly be bundled inside a package, using
> some tricks to keep all the files in a single zip file, which reduces
> the bundle size to a manageable 15 meg.

> Agreed.
> >    2. About the helpr package:
> >
> >        I install the helpr package from CRAN, and, maybe due to my
> >        problem,  the manual of this package is quite confusing to me.
> >        I run the command helpr and my browser shows me the following
> >        content:
> Could you please provide a reproducible example?
> The following steps should get you up and running:
> install.packages("helpr")
> library(helpr)
> helpr()

It seems that I triggered a strange issue (or, a bug is ESS?). I run 
exactly the same commands in EMACS+ESS and then I got the error 
messages shown in my last mail. Now, I try to do the same things
but, at this time, I run the commands in a terminal (gnome-terminal), 
then, everything works properly, as you expected (I can see the  
packages and functions list with nice CSS layout in the browser).

This issue is quite weird, and I think it is caused by Emacs or ESS   
but not the helpr package. I still need to do several test to figure 
out what really causes it.   

> The solr warnings will be removed in the next version - you can ignore
> them for now.
> Hadley

Gong-Yi Liao

Department of Statistics
University of Connecticut
215 Glenbrook Road  U4120
Storrs, CT 06269-4120


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