[Rd] R CMD build --resave-data

Hadley Wickham hadley at rice.edu
Wed Apr 13 04:26:46 CEST 2011

>> If you deliberately ignore the fact that 'R CMD INSTALL' is also used
>> by developers to install from the *package source tree* (by opposition
>> to end users who use it to install from a *source tarball*,
> .. for a good reason, IMHO no serious developer would do that for obvious reasons - you'd be working on a dirty copy creating many unnecessary problems and polluting your sources. The first time you'll spend an hour chasing a non-existent problem due to stale binary objects in your tree you'll learn that lesson ;). The fraction of a second spent in R CMD build is well worth the hours saved. IMHO the only valid reason to run INSTALL on a (freshly unpacked tar ball) directory is to capture config.log.

This is news to me!  I know that you're supposed to run R CMD check on
the built package, but you're supposed to run install on it too?  (And
if it's so important, why doesn't R do it for you automatically?)

Do you have any convenient shortcuts to overcome the fact that the
binary package contains the package name?  i.e. how can I build and
install/check in a single line without having to specify the full file

How can I go from:

R CMD build plyr && R CMD install plyr_1.5.tar.gz


R CMD build-and-install plyr ?


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