[Rd] package test failed on Solaris x86 -- help needed for debugging

Thomas Petzoldt Thomas.Petzoldt at tu-dresden.de
Thu Sep 16 11:16:47 CEST 2010

Dear R developers,

we have currently a 'mysterious' test problem with one package that 
successfully passed the tests on all platforms, with the only exception 
of Solaris x86 where obviously one of our help examples breaks the CRAN 

As we don't own such a machine I want to ask about a possibility to run 
a few tests on such a system:


An even more recent version of R on the same OS (Solaris 10) and with 
the same compiler (Sun Studio 12u1) would help also.

Any assistance is appreciated

Thomas Petzoldt

Thomas Petzoldt
Technische Universitaet Dresden
Institut fuer Hydrobiologie        thomas.petzoldt at tu-dresden.de
01062 Dresden                      http://tu-dresden.de/hydrobiologie/

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