[Rd] winbuilder warnings and errors

Melissa Jane Hubisz mjhubisz at cornell.edu
Wed Sep 8 16:11:03 CEST 2010

I have been developing a package for phylogenetic analysis which I
plan to submit to CRAN soon.  It passes R CMD check with no warnings
on my linux and Mac OS X machines.  I don't have much experience with
Windows and have been using the win-builder service to see how the
package compiles on Windows.  (Thank you for this service, Uwe, it is
a huge time saver for me!)

I have tried win-builder's R-release 32-bit and R-release 64-bit
versions, and both return with different warnings/errors which I don't
understand.  However both do produce binaries which seem to work.  For
the 64-bit, the check goes fine until it gets to the vignettes, and
then I get the message:

* checking package vignettes in 'inst/doc' ... WARNING
*** Weave Errors ***
File d:/RCompile/CRANguest/R64-release/rphast.Rcheck/inst/doc/vignette2.Rnw :
unable to start device PostScript
* checking PDF version of manual ... OK

I'm not sure if I should be concerned about this or not.  I'm more
troubled by the results of the 32-bit check, which produces an error.
The log ends like this:

* checking examples ... OK
* checking tests ... ERROR
Check process probably crashed or hung up for 20 minutes ... killed
Most likely this happened in the example checks (?),
if not, ignore the following last lines of example output:
<< here I snipped a bunch of example output that looks fine>>
> ### * <FOOTER>
> ###
> cat("Time elapsed: ", proc.time() - get("ptime", pos = 'CheckExEnv'),"\n")
Time elapsed:  13.23 0.2 13.46 NA NA
> grDevices::dev.off()
null device
> ###
> ### Local variables: ***
> ### mode: outline-minor ***
> ### outline-regexp: "\\(> \\)?### [*]+" ***
> ### End: ***
> quit('no')
======== End of example output (where/before crash/hang up occured ?) ========

So here are my questions:
Does anyone have an idea what could cause the error above, or how I
can troubleshoot it?  I do have remote access to a windows machine and
have installed the 32-bit binary, and all the testing code runs
smoothly.  Do I need to resolve these issues in order to submit my
package to CRAN?  I definitely want Windows binaries of my package to
be available.

Thanks for any advice,

Melissa  Hubisz
Siepel Lab
Department of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology
Cornell University

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