[Rd] seek() and gzfile() on 32-bit R2.12.0 in linux

Brandon Whitcher bwhitcher at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 13:14:35 CEST 2010

Peter, thanks for your comments.  The reason I have taken this issue
to R-devel is from the advice of Kurt Hornik.  An update to my package
oro.nifti is being refused by CRAN because it fails on the
_development_ version of R on 32-bit linux.  As we have just discussed
(and thanks to Matt's input), the problem is not with my package but
with the development version of R.  Hence, I wanted to alert to the R
Core Development Team that the _unstable_ version of R appears to have
a problem.

Obviously, I would prefer to have my new version of oro.nifti accepted
by CRAN... but at the moment I am in between a rock and a hard place.
I agree that the 2.12.0 release of R is quite far in the future.  Is
there a possibility of relaxing the exclusion criteria for CRAN?



Please notice that there is NO release of R 2.12.0 until some time
around October. You are using a build from the UNSTABLE development
branch. The stable branch is 2.11.1 with a release date of May 31. If
Ubuntu is claiming that there is such a thing as a R 2.12.0 release, I'd
say that they  have a problem.

Not that we don't welcome reports on problems in the development branch,
but do notice that it is by definition UNSTABLE, and that bugs can come
and go without notice.


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