[Rd] Suggested tidying up

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.tu-dortmund.de
Tue Jun 1 22:19:07 CEST 2010

On 31.05.2010 23:13, Vincent Goulet wrote:
> Package grDevices has a function cm() to convert from inches to centimeters. Its definition is:
> cm<- function(x) 2.54*x
> As far as I can tell, the function is not used anywhere in the R sources (I grepped for "cm(", "cm)" and ", cm".) I did not check for all packages on CRAN, though.

I found it easier to remember cm() rather than 2.54.

By the way, before deprecating (rather than at once removing) a 
function: have you also grepped through all CRAN and BioC packages?
And have you grepped for "\"cm\"", "'cm'" and other occurrences? cm may 
be called in a call(), do.call() or other construct, hence the real test 
is to remove the cm function, rebuild R and run the checks and run 
checks on all at least all 3000 packages from CRAN + BioC.

Best wishes,
Uwe Ligges

> May I propose to remove this apparently useless function from the sources?
> [I stubbled upon this function because my package actuar also has a cm() function that masks the one from grDevices.]
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