[Rd] Building rattle on Solaris 10u7 X86

顾小波 guxiaobo1982 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 17:01:35 CEST 2010

Hi Professor Brian Ripley,
	Thanks for your help,

>>Our experience is
>>- the X11 installation on Solaris is too old for these packages.  We
>>use the one from OpenCSW (see the R-admin manual).  cairographics in
>>particular has moved on a lot since the 2005 release of Solaris 10
>>(cairo reached version 1.0 after that).

Do you suggest to use the new X11 from OpenCSW to replace the one shipped with Solaris, and do you have any procedural guides.

>>- we failed to build RGtk2 with the SunStudio compiler, and had to use

I used SunStudio building R, do we need to use the same compiler for both R and Packages?
I followed the guides in https://www.initworks.com/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=6521038 to build R with SunStudio, is there some similar guides when using gcc?

>>Note that nothing in this message is about 'building rattle' (your
>>subject line): it is about installing packages rattle's GUI depends
>>on.  Let me warn you that rattle doesn't just depend on RGtk2, it
>>depends on RGtk2 built with libglade2 support: which is optional and
>>not installed by default on Solaris (and often not elsewhere).

Yes, I am trying to install the packages which are dependent by Rattle, and RGtk2 is the first one.

>>Note that in R terminolgy (see Writing R Extensions), building a
>>package (R CMD build) is not the same thing as installing one (R CMD

Actually I am new to R, and don't really know the differences between building and installing packages. The R CMD INSTALL command just can install packages from source code.

Xiaobo Gu

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