[Rd] garbage collection & memory leaks in 'R', it seems...

Mike Williamson this.is.mvw at gmail.com
Sat Jul 17 01:24:53 CEST 2010

Hello developers,

    I noticed that if I am running 'R', type "rm(list=objects())" and
"gc()", 'R' will still be consuming (a lot) more memory than when I then
close 'R' and re-open it.  In my ignorance, I'm presuming this is something
in 'R' where it doesn't really do a great job of garbage collection... at
least not nearly as well as Windows or unix can do garbage collection.
    Am I right?  If so, is there any better way to "clean up" the memory
that 'R' is using?  I have a script that runs a fairly large job, and I
cannot keep it going on its own in a convenient way because of these
remnants of garbage that pile up and eventually leave so little memory
remaining that the script crashes.

    I have attached a screen shot of the "system performance" screen on the
64-bit windows machine (with 64-bit 'R') that I am using.  I labeled
portions of it before closing 'R' and after re-opening it (loading up the
same saved image) to show the large difference in memory being consumed.
Below are the details of my version of 'R'.  Thanks for any help!!


R version:  Win-64bit version, 2.11.1  (the machine I'm using has 20 GB of
memory, so that's my memory limit since it's 64 bit version)
packages:  see below...

             Package        Version
brew         "brew"         "1.0-3"
colorspace   "colorspace"   "1.0-1"
corpcor      "corpcor"      "1.5.6"
digest       "digest"       "0.4.2"
fdrtool      "fdrtool"      "1.2.6"
GeneCycle    "GeneCycle"    "1.1.1"
ggplot2      "ggplot2"      "0.8.7"
longitudinal "longitudinal" "1.1.5"
MASS         "MASS"         "7.3-6"
plyr         "plyr"         "0.1.9"
proto        "proto"        "0.3-8"
qvalue       "qvalue"       "1.22.0"
R.methodsS3  "R.methodsS3"  "1.2.0"
R.oo         "R.oo"         "1.7.3"
R.utils      "R.utils"      "1.4.3"
randomForest "randomForest" "4.5-35"
RColorBrewer "RColorBrewer" "1.0-2"
reshape      "reshape"      "0.8.3"
RODBC        "RODBC"        "1.3-1"
sos          "sos"          "1.3-0"
base         "base"         "2.11.1"
boot         "boot"         "1.2-42"
class        "class"        "7.3-2"
cluster      "cluster"      "1.12.3"
codetools    "codetools"    "0.2-2"
datasets     "datasets"     "2.11.1"
foreign      "foreign"      "0.8-40"
graphics     "graphics"     "2.11.1"
grDevices    "grDevices"    "2.11.1"
grid         "grid"         "2.11.1"
KernSmooth   "KernSmooth"   "2.23-3"
lattice      "lattice"      "0.18-8"
MASS         "MASS"         "7.3-6"
Matrix       "Matrix"       "0.999375-39"
methods      "methods"      "2.11.1"
mgcv         "mgcv"         "1.6-2"
nlme         "nlme"         "3.1-96"
nnet         "nnet"         "7.3-1"
rpart        "rpart"        "3.1-46"
spatial      "spatial"      "7.3-2"
splines      "splines"      "2.11.1"
stats        "stats"        "2.11.1"
stats4       "stats4"       "2.11.1"
survival     "survival"     "2.35-8"
tcltk        "tcltk"        "2.11.1"
tools        "tools"        "2.11.1"
utils        "utils"        "2.11.1"

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