[Rd] R-2.11.1 build and 'so' libraries withouth the 'lib' prefix

lI lux-integ at btconnect.com
Mon Jul 12 11:29:30 CEST 2010


I have a computer with the following setup:
1)cblfs (pure 64-bit (amd64) linux), kernel2.6.34 gcc4.4.2 

I compiled R with BLAS and lapack  using the switched  ( --with-blas="-
lpthread -latlas  -lfptf77blas" 
--with-lapack="-llapack -lcblas"  ). 
(( http://cran.r-project.org/doc/manuals/R-admin.html#Linear-algebra) )

Prior to compiling R-2.11.1
sh conigure --help   gave  options including  the following
SHLIB_LD         command for linking shared libraries 
                which contain object files  from a C or Fortran compiler only                              
SHLIB_LDFLAGS   special flags used by SHLIB_LD
SHLIB_CXXLDFLAGS   special flags used by SHLIB_CXXLD                               
SHLIB_FCD   command for linking shared libraries which contain object files 
              from the Fortran 95 compiler                                    
SHLIB_FCLDFLAGS  special flags used by SHLIB_FCLD 

I did not know what to set for these   and accepted whatever the defaults 
were.  I ended up with shared-libraries which are  as  follows:-

$R_HOME/lib/{libRblas.so,libRlapack.so  }  i.e. with   the prefix 'lib' 
and the following shared-libraries  without the 'lib' prefix.

$R_HOME/modules/{R_X11.so,internet.so,lapack.so,vfonts.so }

In linux builds   the linker usually looks for libs with the 'lib'  prefix.  In 
this installation  all the libraries   
---in $R_HOME/modules
---in $R_HOME/library/patha/to/whatevr

do not have the   'lib' prefix.  

A) does any on list know   SHLIB_LD   SHLIB_LDFLAGS  SHLIB_CXXLDFLAGS    
SHLIB_FCD   SHLIB_FCLDFLAGS    settings for compiling R  and do these result 
in  so libs with the 'lib' prefix?
B) If all of A) is negative what is there to be done to    to enable 
generation   libraries in $R_HOME/modules $R_HOME/library/~  with the 'lib' 

suggestions welcomed.


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