[Rd] R logo as SVG ?

Jens Elkner jel+r at cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Sat Feb 27 03:38:44 CET 2010

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 01:14:51PM +0100, Peter Dalgaard wrote:
Hi Peter,
sorry for the later answer - had to finish other tasks first :(

> I played around with inkscape again (& it IS a time sink...) The 
> attached version is around 200K and not too bad looking to my eyes. How 
> does it work for your purposes?

Yes - still a little bit big (most are usually not bigger than 50K, but
some exceptions hav 80..100K), but much better than 2M and sufficient
IMHO, too.

Installed the package (see
http://dev.cs.uni-magdeburg.de/lnf/i386/R/LNFr-desktop/ ) -> looks
ok in the GNOME menu and nautilus. If you want to test it yourself
on Linux or Solaris (procedure is the same for freedesktops aka Solaris
and Linux ;-)), copy the 3 files to the same location and call
update-desktop-database ; update-mime-database $instdir/share/mime

Than the menu entries appear immediately in the GNOME application menu
(nautilus needs to be restarted to get the "news" aka icon displayed
for *.R).

Currently the last thing I'm thinking about is: "with '-g Tk' start
Rcmdr if available, otherwise tkStartGUI()". Would you mind to integrate
that into the official R tree? I know, its more or less easy to modify
library/tcltk/exec/Tk-frontend.R, however admins as well as package
creators/maintainers don't like, when one package modifies the content
of another one and have to keep track of changes, i.e. need to do more
or less "sophisticated" things, when they get removed ...

Regards and thanx,
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Department of Computer Science   Geb. 29 R 027, Universitaetsplatz 2
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